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Where They Row: The History of Men's Crew at the University of Wisconsin

Compiled by Tyler C. Kennedy and Bradley F. Taylor

Introduction The Early Years The Last of the Sculler Coaches The Years of Struggle The Sonju Era The Jablonic Era The Clark Era


Originating in 1874, men's crew is the oldest sport at the University of Wisconsin. It also occupies a unique place in sports, because there are no athletic scholarships for crew. Despite this handicap, crew has been very successful, bringing 19 National Championships to UW in various events. This exhibit tells the story of men's crew at UW through text, images and audio. This exhibit was made possible by Bradley F. Taylor of the Friends of the UW Men's Crew, through donations to the UW Archives.


speakerListen to an Oral History Clip below.

*Director of Sports Information James Mott summarizes the history of Men's Crew at the University of Wisconsin. (3:01)

More information can be found at the UW Athletic Deaprtment's Crew pages, the Friend's of the UW Men's Crew Rowing History site and in Bradley F. Taylor's book Wisconsin Where They Row, University of Wisconsin Press, 2005.

All the materials used in this exhibit can be found at the UW Archives, along with other resources including scrapbooks which document the program at the turn of the century, early 1930s and late 1940s, additional event programs, and the full oral history interview with Randy Jablonic.