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Buildings of the University of Wisconsin

The Buildings of the University of Wisconsin was published by former UW student Jim Feldman in 1997. It was the first comprehensive account of all of the physical structures that make up the UW-Madison campus—from heating plants and parking structures to the more stately facades of Bascom and Science Halls. Every campus building is included, whether designed and built or purchased by the university, those that are still in use and those that have faded from memory.

Over the past decade, Feldman's work has benefited innumerable students and researchers exploring the story of this unique campus. It sold out long ago and has since only been available via the few copies in libraries. This digital collection revisits Feldman's work and adds to it, while making it accessible to anyone interested in exploring the the history of the campus. The original text is presented here in PDF format, along with hundreds of supplemental images of the buildings.

Please note that the text itself has not been edited or updated, and therefore includes only the buildings that were in existence in 1997.

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