For Public or Open Records Requests, please contact:
Lisa Hull, Office of University Relations, UW-Madison email:
phone: 608-890-4881; Room 94 Bascom Hall; 500 Lincoln Drive.


What's New in the Records Management Program?

December Records Management Newsletter

Have 6 minutes? Please view the short Introduction to Records Management.

If you are thinking about digital imaging please view Digitizing Guidelines for Records 6:26 mins.


Did you know that the campus is moving to Office 365 for e-mail?

It is recommended that the user review email and delete all non-records before migration take place.

See Electronic Communication Guidelines for record guidance on university records.

Here are some resources:

The 2014 UW-Madison Employee Guide to: Electronic Communication Guidance for University Records. This Guide provides information on management of Electronic Communications such as e-mail, text and chat as records. See the Records Mgt Toolbox for Guide.

Check out the E-mail and Calendar Transition page at

AE E-Mail and Calendar: A first step in preparing for the new campus email and Calendaring system. University of Wisconsin - Madison News.

Need more help organizing your e-mail: E-mail Organization for Records Management Compliance11:21 mins.



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