For Public Records Requests:

Contact Lisa Hull, University Relations

See Office of Legal Affairs - Public Records


What's New in the Records Management Program?

April is Records and Information Management Month. See article in the Library News & Events

On the Record April 15, 2015 Where can you find the most records on campus? Not an obscure Guinness Book of World Records entry, an athletic record, or even an old vinyl. We mean cold, hard university public records – from emails to business transactions.


New Presentations from the Conference for Office Professionals- 04-15-2015

Peg Eusch, CRM, Records Management

Claire Dalle Molle University Legal Counsel - Public Records

Bob Turner - Chief Information Security Officer - Cybersecurity Brief


Have 6 minutes? Please view the short Introduction to Records Management.

If you are thinking about digital imaging please view Digitizing Guidelines for Records 6:26 mins.


New from the Wisconsin Public Records Board on Management of Web Records - See Records Management Toolbox.


Are you ready? The campus is moving to Office 365 for e-mail.

It is recommended that staff review and organize their inbox and outbox before migration takes place and follow the Business Communications schedule to delete e-mail. Delete all non-records before migration take place. See Records Management Toolbox for more resources.



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