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photo of 1899 Crew Team

The Oral History Interviews collection can be browsed in four ways:

Consult Tapes or Transcripts

Interview tapes may be consulted by appointment only at the Oral History Program at the UW-Madison Archives. You may also order cassette tapes or CD copies of interviews. Note that some interviews may be restricted.

Cassette copies of interview tapes are available for $10 per interview tape for campus patrons, $15 for non-UW students and $20 for all others, plus $5 postage and handling. Or, digital copies of recordings (.mp3s on CD) can be made by OHP staff and sold to patrons at the same rates as cassette copies. If your requested recording has already been digitized by OHP staff, the charge is $5, which covers the OHP's postage/handling fees.

Tape indexes, which are essentially interview summaries, are available for each interview. Approximately one eighth of the interviews in the Collection have been transcribed. We will email copies of tape indexes to patrons free of charge. Photocopies of tape indexes and transcripts are available for $0.15 per page, plus postage and handling. The list of available transcripts in always changing as new transcripts are completed. Click on the link below to browse available transcripts and check back often for an updated list. For transcripts indicated as draft copies, please contact oral history staff.

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