Oral History Entries 521-530

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SKORNICKA, Joel (1937-)

Undergraduate and Graduate Student; Asst. Business Manager and Program Adviser, Memorial Union; Asst. Director for Administration, Madison Academic Computing Center; Asst. Vice Chancellor; Asst. Chancellor; Senior Vice President of UW Foundation

At UW: 1955-1959; 1960-1979; 1983-1986

First Interview

  • Interviewed: April 1998
  • Interviewer: Barry Teicher
  • Length: 3 hours, 49 minutes
  • Online: Oral History Interview: Joel Skornicka (0521)

Background; Undergraduate education; Employment at Memorial Union; Campus activism; Employment in dean of students office; Madison Academic Computing Center (MACC); Employment in chancellor's office; UW building projects; City- University Coordinating Committee; Parking on campus; Former governors; Research Park; Minority student recruitment; Terms as mayor of Madison; City Council meetings; Employment as vice president of administration at UW Foundation; Employment at University of California-Davis; Youth violence conferences.

Second Interview

  • Interviewed: December 19, 2003
  • Interviewer: Art Hove
  • Length: 39 minutes
  • Online: Oral History Interview: Joel Skornica (0521)

Chancellor’s Office under Edwin Young; Wisconsin State Journal articles on research; role of student protest in facilitating city-university relations; visit to University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Campus Planning Committee; involvement of Irving Shain and WARF; City Council; CUNA; Wisconsin for Research; relations with UW-Milwaukee; physical expansion of the city of Madison.

BOYLE, William C. (1936-)

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

At UW: 1963-1996

Childhood; Undergraduate education at University of Cincinnati; Master's degree in sanitary engineering; Doctoral program at California Institute of Technology; Hiring by UW; Interdisciplinary research; Oxygen transfer research; Academia's over-emphasis on research; Changes in student body; Professional societies; Changes in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department; Deans Kurt Wendt, Robert Marshall and John Bollinger; Consulting work; Retirement.

HIGGINS, Thomas (1911-1998)

Professor of Electrical Engineering

At UW: 1946-1983

Childhood and early education; Undergraduate education at Cornell; Master's degree in mathematics; Employment at Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute; Ph.D. at Purdue University; Employment at Tulane University and Illinois Institute of Technology; Krone's Theory; Employment at UW; Research in nuclear reactions; Cybernetics; Improvements in College of Engineering facilities; Advanced Basic Automatic Control Theory; Electrical engineering research during WWII; Former graduate students; Founding of UW-Milwaukee School of Engineering; Professional societies; Deans Kurt Wendt, Robert Marshall and John Bollinger; Consulting work; Retirement.

WANG, Chu-Kia (1917-2013)

Professor of Civil Engineering

At UW: 1960-1992

Background; Undergraduate work at St. John's University in Shanghai; Graduate work at University of Illinois; Curtis-Wright Research Laboratory; Professorship at University of Colorado-Boulder; Hiring by UW; Work in theoretical aspects of structure design; Committee work; Consulting work; Retirement.

STEWART, Warren E. (1924-)

Undergraduate and Graduate Student; Professor of Chemical Engineering

At UW: 1941-1945; 1946-1947; 1956-1997

Early education; Undergraduate work; V-12 training program; Master's degree at UW; Ph.D. at MIT; Project evaluation division of Sinclair Research; Return to Madison; Chemical Engineering Department; Olaf Hougen; Student protest movement; Research; Transport Phenomena; Graduate students; Numerical Analysis Laboratory; Engineering societies.

MONKMEYER, Peter L. (1930-)

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

At UW: 1961-1993

Background; Undergraduate and graduate education at Cornell University; Fulbright fellowship; Hiring by UW; Research; Students and student recruitment; Consulting work; Crow Committee; Other committee work; Faculty governance; Department chairmanship; Deans Kurt Wendt, Robert Marshall and John Bollinger; Retirement.

HEINE, Richard (1918-2009)

Graduate Student; Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

At UW: 1947-1984

Early education; Wayne State University; Master's program at UW; Foundry practices; Research interests; Collaborative research projects; Importance of casting industry; Biblical references to molding and casting; Synthetic molding sands; Engineering students; Development of materials science area at UW; Retirement.

NOVOTNY, Donald (1934-)

Graduate Student; Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

At UW: 1958-1996

Childhood; Undergraduate and graduate education at Illinois Institute of Technology; Doctoral work at UW; Employment at UW; Introductory Electromechanics; Visiting professorship in Netherlands; Department chairmanship; Wisconsin Electric Motor and Power Electronics Consortia; Fulbright lectureship in Belgium; National Technological University; Engineering courses; Changes in student body; Former graduate students; Outreach teaching; Electric fishing; Committee work; Consulting work; Growth of College of Engineering.

LEDERBERG, Joshua (1925-2008)

Professor of Genetics

At UW: 1947-1959

Family background; Stuyvesant High School; Early interest in science; Columbia College; Francis J. Ryan; Navy V-12 training program; Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons; Early work with neurospora; Work at Yale with Edward L. Tatum; Tatum's work with George Beadle; Discovery of recombination in bacteria; Cold Spring Harbor Symposium; Challenge by Andre Lwoff and Max Delbrick; Position at UW; Candidates; Interview; Hiring concerns; Job offer; Arrival in Madison; Ira Baldwin; Rudolph Froker; Department of Agricultural Genetics; Jim Crow; Recombination research; Karl Paul Link; Transduction; Norton Zinder; Lambda; Larry Morse; Immunogenetics; Phase variation; Tetsuo Iino; Cell motility; Bruce Stocker; Replica plating; Esther Lederberg; S. G. Bradley; David Skaar; Aleck Bernstein; Bob Wright; Boris Rotman; Tom Nelson; Summer research at Berkeley; Roger Stanier; Protoplasts, L forms and penicillin; Fulbright fellowship in Australia; McFarlane Burnet; Work with NASA; Moon infall; Carl Sagan; James Watson and Bill Hayes; Numerical Analysis Laboratory; Teaching; Department of Medical Genetics; John Z. Bowers; Kimball Atwood; Stanford University; Arthur Kornberg; Nobel Prize; Trip to Sweden; Honorary degree; Reflections on career at UW.

Transcript available. Format: electronic

O'BRIEN, David (1977-)

Undergraduate Student

At UW: 1995-

Background; Involvement in Barnard and Chadbourne Hall Association (BACH); Life in Chadbourne Hall; Origins of Chadbourne Residential College (CRC); Listening Sessions; CRC Steering Committee; University Housing and CRC; Wisconsin Welcome Week; Community Board Elections; Origins and goals of Mission Groups; Changes in CRC for the second year; Role of Bill Cronon; Academic Advising at CRC; Personal Academic Goals; Final evaluation of CRC.