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photo of main desk in the Wisconsin Union from 1951

The UW-Madison Oral History Program (OHP) was established as a part of the University History Project in 1971. Today, OHP’s staff and volunteers, first and foremost, gather oral histories with administrators, faculty, staff, and students, or alumni to form an invaluable part of UW-Madison's historic record. Also, they preserve and provide access to extant and future recordings; conduct outreach activities--both on and off campus--to promote oral history and its collection; and seek to advise, support, and collaborate with individuals, groups, and organizations--both on and off campus--on oral history related questions.

Citing an Oral History from the UW-Madison Archives

If you are interested in citing an oral history recording from our archives, please use the example below:

Footnote or endnote:

Elizabeth and James Miller, interviewed by Laura Smail, 1985, OH #0316, digital audio file, University Archives and Records Management Services, Madison, Wisconsin.

Bibliography or reference list:

Miller, Elizabeth and James. Interviewed by Laura Smail. 1985. OH #0316. Digital audio file. University Archives and Records Management Services, Madison, Wisconsin.

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