Oral History Program

Campus Voices

Campus Voices is a project meant to capture, present, and preserve some of the strongest historical stories and memories of UW-Madison, through the people who lived them. Since January 2010 the Campus Voices project has produced the stories of the 1970 TAA Strike, the 1970 Bombing of Sterling Hall, Women working in Science in Engineering and Badger Village. These stories are shared here through modern digital media.


Students protesting ROTC

Madison's LGBT Community, 1960's to Present

Campus Voices series tells the story of the LGBT community in Madison from the 1960's through today. These stories contain shared memories of organizations, civic actions, cultural spaces, and fights for justice that the story-tellers believed to be undeniably significant in the history of LGBT life at UW.

photo of Elizabeth Craig in Lab

Women in Science and Engineering

This series relates the experiences of women who have worked in science, engineering, medicine and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin from the 1920s to the present day.

Badger Village, Couple with Young Child

Badger Village

This series tells the story of Badger Village, a housing community for married student veterans and their families located at the Badger Ordnance Works site in Baraboo, Wisconsin from 1946 to 1951. The collection consists of excerpts from interviews with UW residence staff, administration, and student veterans and their wives who lived at Badger Village.

photo of Sterling Hall, August 24, 1970

Sterling Hall Bombing of 1970

This series commemorates the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Sterling Hall, which took place on August 24, 1970. The collection consists of excerpts from interviews with UW-Madison faculty, students, staff, and Madison community members who recounted their experiences of the bombing and its effects.

photo of sign from the TAA Strike of 1970

UW-Madison Teaching Assistants Association Strike of 1970

This series focuses on the 1970 Teaching Assistants Association strike, in commemoration of its 40th anniversary.